Movies give an escape from reality for a few hours. Every year big budget movies are made which offer entertainment to people, but very few films are made to convey a good message or set an example. It is not easy to make a popular movie that appeals to all audiences while maintaining quality standards in setting positive examples, avoiding stereotypes, biases, and being inspirational. That is why those who do this, their movies should find a special place. This section contains informative articles on various aspects of movies that will give you fresh perspective to look at movies.

Are Old Format Escapist Movies Required Today By Middle Class Audiences

In earlier days when there was less means of entertainment, the jobs were non-interesting in harsh environments, and people used to stay in remote villages, at such time movies used to provide best escape from reality. Movies were the best source of entertainment to enjoy during the one day off from daily cumbersome job... »

Actors Who Are a Genre On Their Own

There are also few personalities who are a genre in themselves. Actors and Actresses like Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks are a type of genre on their own. Whatever may be their role, be it of a rich person or a protagonist of a cause, all of their movies are worth watching. Similarly... »

Movie Genres and Audiences

The term ‘Genre’ can be defined as the loose set of criteria for a category of composition. For Movies, the genres refer to various categories of Movies. Movies can be classified into some Major genres. Many of the major genres hold the majority of popular movies, while the less popular genres have movies that... »