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Understanding GHMC Property Tax

Property tax is the tax levied on all the residential and non-residential (commercial) properties that are situated in the limits of Municipal Corporation. For the city of Hyderabad, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) handles the responsibilities of property taxation and collection for all those properties that fall under the limits of GHMC. Property tax... »

Clubs in Hyderabad

By: B. K. Vijay Like the city, the clubs of Hyderabad have a long history. While few are from British period others are from Nizam’s rule. However, the amenities and facilities they provide have been updated to serve the present generations. They have many modern amenities like restaurants, beauty salons, super markets, lounge bars,... »

Weekend Tourist Locations Around Hyderabad – Jogulamba Temple in Alampur

Jogulamba Temple in Alampur is one of the 18 Shakthi Peethams. Alampur is located in Mahabubnagar district of Telangana. Here, the Nava Brahma temples are also famous. The mythological belief is - upper maxilla of Sathi Devi had fallen at this place. In this article Jogulamba and Nava Brahma Temples of Alampur are briefly... »

Instructions to use Google maps for viewing Hyderabad City

Steps by Step instructions on using Google to view Hyderabad City Maps: First go to OR go to and click on the “maps” tab. Just put in the name of area in Hyderabad you want to look for in search field and click search. For example type in “Ameerpet Hyderabad” A detailed... »

Why use an online Hyderabad city map?

The online maps have changed our perception of looking towards maps. By integrating latest technologies, online maps have provided dynamic features that have made locating anything anywhere much easy. The online maps are proving to be much beneficial than traditional maps. Unlike traditional printed maps, even the most recent changes are updated in online... »

Visiting Hyderabad? – Don’t Forget to Buy Handicrafts

Hyderabad, the capital city of the Indian state Andhra Pradesh, is one of the hottest tourist spots that attract huge number of travellers all across the world. Though the city is one of the fastest developing metropolitan in India, it still carries the heritage of the past. Besides visiting the popular sightseeing places, relishing... »

Book Stores in Hyderabad – Book Selection Centre

Book Store Name – “Book Selection Centre” Area – Kachiguda, Hyderabad This two storied store is a good place for fast sellers. The collection is mostly focused on academic books for higher education that has a variety of sections such as medicine, management, law, geography, software etc. Non-academic books collection is small when compared... »

Kite Flying, Sankranthi and 2011

Sankranthi means return of war cries, crowds and battle zones. If you thought this has anything to do with the Sri Krishna report or TRS, then you are wrong. It is the kite duels and hectic activity on the skies of Hyderabad. One of the very unique things about the culture of Hyderabad. Probably... »

Are Your Free Time Activities Healthy?

Many people think leisure and entertainment are same. However, there is a significant difference between them. A Leisure can be defined as activities that lead to relaxation from typically stressful lifestyle where as Entertainment is something that amuses or pleases us. A person having control over his impulses will engage in leisure activities but... »

Are Old Format Escapist Movies Required Today By Middle Class Audiences

In earlier days when there was less means of entertainment, the jobs were non-interesting in harsh environments, and people used to stay in remote villages, at such time movies used to provide best escape from reality. Movies were the best source of entertainment to enjoy during the one day off from daily cumbersome job... »