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Public Libraries Disappearing in Hyderabad City

The plight of public libraries in Hyderabad city is in a grave situation. The surviving ones however are in very pathetic conditions. Did you know that 8% of our property tax goes towards library cess, for maintenance and development of libraries. But, there is no clarity on where the amount is being used.

Sad to See Telugu News Channels Showing Biased News

Whatever Telugu news channel we are watching, it clearly shows biased news favouring a particular political party. The Telugu news channels are highly politicized. Every news channel directly thrashes other political parties. In this way the citizens are not able to view unbiased news, news that is trustworthy.

Hyderabad City Taxes Moving Out to Outskirts, Thanks to Our Predatory Elites

Where are Hyderabad taxes going? Living in city centre are we paying taxes for the development of the outskirts? Why is it that out taxes are not at work? Who to blame? Well, they are the predatory elites, the so called VIPs and VVIPs of our city that include corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, socialites and crony businesses men.

It’s Time To Make New Year Resolutions


Say goodbye to 2013 and hope for a good year to come in 2014. It’s time to make your New Year’s resolutions and try to stick to them. This is the best time of the year to reflect on the past and start forming goals for the year ahead. Happy New Year!

Waiting for Santa This Christmas…Know What He Brings

Come Christmas, one thing that makes kids excited is the chubby, joyous, white bearded man, dressed in red, and comes with a sackful of gifts… Santa Claus. Though it is said that Santa is a mythical, the belief that he…

Christmas Tree, Star, Bells…What do They Signify?

Christmas is about fun, joy, happiness, gifts, carols. Children really enjoy the eve. We can’t find a house without a Christmas tree beautifully decorated with bells, stars, wreaths and lot more. But amid all these celebrations and fancy things, we…

Christmas and Its Significance

Christmas is here and to many it is about celebrating, sharing, giving and about spending time with family and friends. Well, all this is fine. But do you know the significance of Christmas celebrated all over the world? Let’s take…

IT/ITES Offices in Hyderabad Outskirts Putting Women Employees at Risk of Assaults

The rate of assaults on women is increasing at a faster pace in the city. Most of the assaults are happening in outskirts and in private vehicles and on IT employees who work for IT/ITES companies located in outskirts. Are employers putting women employees at risk by locating their offices there? Or are employees making wrong choices by choosing those companies?

Why India Lost the BPO Industry to Philippines?

It’s a no secret that India lost the BPO industry to Philippines. The reasons behind the slipping of BPO industry to Philippines are their cultural compatibility, neutral accent, strong government support and their devotion to work, that has lead to their success today. Read the article to know more about it.