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Is Hyderabad Neglected for International Cricket Matches?

Is Hyderabad Neglected for International Cricket Matches?

Recently, Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium at Uppal, witnessed a record number of viewers – more than 30,000 for the India versus Australia test match. People were desperately waiting for a serious match to happen in city, because, it has been long since the city witnessed any such match. Tickets were booked in... »

Time for Hyderabad to Protect its Culture – Lessons to Learn from Switzerland

Hyderabad is the only city in Andhra Pradesh which has good cosmopolitan culture. The natives of Hyderabad replicate its culture, through the way they think, with their cosmopolitan outlook, broad-mindedness, civic sense, professionalism, courtesy and above all, their merit-driven mindset. If we look at the current situation in the city, majority of the population... »

Middle Class Nation Vs a Few Rich and Many Poor Nation

America became a super power on the strength of its large middle class. A large population in middle class leads to vibrancy and a market that buys and sells. Middle class creates a vibrant market Too much money in the hands of a few makes the economy weak and slow growing. It cannot create... »

Discount Sales on Branded Products: Frauds That You Should Avoid?

The scene is familiar, a major international clothing brand announces a 40-60% off or one-for-one or one-for-two offer. For a limited time only! The store is crowded! The trial rooms are busy. It is a struggle to reach the clothes stand for your size because there are so many who want the same thing.... »

It’s Foolish to Choose a Hospital Based on Its Fancy Looks

How do you evaluate a good hospital? Is it the nice building, front elevation, or the grand interiors that make a good hospital? Are these things important? Not at all. The most attractive doctor is not the most competent doctor. Similarly, the best looking hospital is not the best for medical treatment. But today,... »

Painful to See Migrants to Hyderabad with Mercenary Attitudes

There are many other things that make Hyderabad a solid destination to get settle down including its cosmopolitan nature, better civilization (non-feudalistic and non-castist people), better quality of life, better culture etc. One can taste various cuisines; watch good movies in Hindi/Telugu/English that are screened in theatres with good crowd, jobs with better work... »

TSRTC City Buses – Most Preferred Means to Travel in Hyderabad City

With around 70 lakh population, Hyderabad is one of the most populous cities in India. Hyderabad city provides a number of employment opportunities – both white collar and blue collar jobs; thus it attracts people from different places across India to come and work. A large number of working population in Hyderabad depends on... »

Hyderabad City Kids Need to Show More Substance, Ambition and be Champion Performers

City kids, we refer here, are those living in core Hyderabadi areas, whose backgrounds not only ensured a good school and college education, but also better access to entertainment of all kinds, healthcare and other things required for a comfortable living. In spite of having all good facilities and opportunities, many of them are... »

Poor Show by Andhra Companies – Not Even One Company has Customer Appeal at India Level

An independent rating agency that collected customer validated feedback from consumers over last 8 years and published 3 surveys of customer friendly brands, has not found even one Andhra Pradesh company fit to give a ‘Superbrand’ status. Yes, not even a single brand from AP got selected in the list of Consumer Superbrands till... »

Winning the World Cup – What Indian Cricket Team Needs to Do?

Winning the World Cup – What Indian Cricket Team Needs to Do?

In every cricket world cup, you see Indians wishing for our team to be the champion team. However, its obvious that it is an achieving cricket team that wins the cup. Team, which is a set of individuals, becomes achieving only when it overcomes obstacles and challenges. World cup tournament is a series of... »