P. Dayakar of TRS wins 2015 Warangal MP by-election

In Telangana State, there are overall 17 Lok Sabha constituencies and Warangal is one among them which is reserved for scheduled caste candidates. Many political parties have won the elections previously from this constituency including Indian National Congress, TDP and Telangana Praja Samithi, but in 2015 by-election TRS emerged victorious, where its candidate P.... »

2014 Election Results – Assembly and Lok Sabha Constituencies in GHMC Area

Are you looking for the 2014 election results of the lok sabha and assembly constituencies under the GHMC area? This article has all the related information you are looking for, like, the winner, runners up, voter data and other information. Hope this article is helpful. »

How Should Urban Educated Middle-Class Indians Vote

We the urban educated middle class from Hyderabad can make a difference in this election. Let’s vote this time and do it in a way that each of our votes count. Not possible? Read this article to know how to make your vote count. Your vote is your right, your responsibility and your duty.... »

Concepts in Politics You Need to Know

In politics, there are various concepts that many people are not aware of. Concepts like trusteeship, crony capitalism, public office, servant leadership, cross voting, accountability, democracy, governance, vote split, etc., which are a part of politics. Read this article to gain some knowledge during this election season. »

How to Get Involved in Politics – Evaluate the Candidate Well

When deciding on which candidate to vote, people are generally confused and they tend to make wrong choices, for which they repent later. To help you out we have come up with a checklist that will help you in evaluating the candidate and based on the evaluation you can cast your vote »

Assembly Constituencies in GHMC (Hyderabad/ Ranga Reddy Districts)

This table gives you information about - number of assembly constituencies in GHMC, number of electors in each constituency in 2009, percentage of electors turned out to vote, number of electors in 2014 and percentage of change/increase in number of electors in each constituency compared to 2009. »

How to Get Involved in Politics – Once You Decide to Vote in a Certain Way, Influence Others

Elections are fast approaching. As an educated and urban citizen, you have to assess a right candidate and influence small group of people around you to utilize their vote properly and elect the right leader. Otherwise you have to spare the leader who is elected by the uneducated voters who vote for money... »

Quotations on Politics

Politics Quotations with Wisdom Clever Quotations on Politics Sarcastic Quotations on Politics »

Articles on Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)

Recently Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) defeated the Congress party in Delhi. Congress was in rule for nearly 15 years (1998-2013). Suddenly AAP came out of no where. If you are one of those many people who are not clear about this party’s entry into politics, we have collected some good articles from various sources... »

Hyderabad City Needs Service Oriented Urban Leaders, Not Predatory Elites

All prosperous cities have service oriented urban leaders who care about their city. They believe in helping city prosper, and guide their lives on the basis that what's good for the city is good for them. But Hyderabad city has many predatory elites, people with manipulated power who are robbing the city for their... »