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In this section of HIOC ( you will find articles that are not written by our writers, but from of our readers (Hyderabadis) who regularly read our articles and give their valuable feedback on our articles. This section is dedicated to topics of public interest.

Hyderabad Metro – Perspective Of A Newbie To Hyderabad

When I came to Secunderabad junction for the first time, I was too afraid to take public transportation as I was not aware of the transportation system of the city. To make matters worse, my friend was late to pick me up.  My friend asked me to take the metro to save time, tired... »

Hyderabad City Taxes Moving Out to Outskirts, Thanks to Our Predatory Elites

Where are Hyderabad taxes going? Living in city centre are we paying taxes for the development of the outskirts? Why is it that out taxes are not at work? Who to blame? Well, they are the predatory elites, the so called VIPs and VVIPs of our city that include corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, socialites and... »

Dear Kids, Don’t Make This Gandhi Jayanthi Just Another Holiday

Dear Kids, Don’t Make This Gandhi Jayanthi Just Another Holiday

Does your kid know the significance and importance of Gandhi Jayanthi? If, the answer to the above questions is no, then it’s high time that you let your kid know who was Mahatma Gandhi and why October 2nd is observed as a national holiday. »

Solutions to Ease Traffic Congestion in Secunderabad Area

At the outset I would like to thank Hyderabad India Online for taking up the issue of Hyderabad and Secunderabad seriously and adding value to the Secunderbad citizens through this laudable effort. Being born, brought up and STILL living in Secunderabad for the past 41 years , I hereby offer by humble suggestions on... »

Indian Democracy and Pre-understanding of Rights by its Citizens

The incident that made me write this story goes like this – The other day I was standing at a crowded bus stop. A guy (seemed educated) started puffing his cigarette amid of the passengers who were waiting patiently for their bus. The smoke he was breathing out after enjoying his puff, made it... »

Schools Forcing Parents to Pay for their Publicity

Everybody knows that the cost of education in today’s private schools is more than exorbitant. Apart from regular fees, many schools are forcing parents to contribute money for events conducted at schools. Not only for regular school anniversaries, they are charging even for events such as “Global Handwash Day” and religious festivals like “Krishnashtami”.... »

Poll: Is the current level of air pollution in Hyderabad city, significantly affecting your health and quality of living?

Pollution is one of the major problems that the people of Hyderabad are facing today. Hyderabad India Online recently conducted a poll to know the opinion of Hyderabad’s citizens on the current levels of air pollution in Hyderabad city. Asked whether the current level of air pollution in Hyderabad city is significantly affecting their... »

Citizens Need to Follow Rules to Avoid Traffic Problem

Many bus stops in our city are provided with separate bays these days, so that the buses can come and stop in the bay,which is not happening actually. The passengers are waiting out side the bay and in turn creating more traffic jams. One more problem which concerns is about the wrong side riding.... »

Poll: Is bad maintenance of roads causing traffic jams in Hyderabad?

Ask any Hyderabadi about city’s traffic, you will hear how annoyed they are and how the problem is getting worse day by day. The government definitely knows about it and is also trying to solve it by introducing MMTS, flyovers, metro rails, etc. But the basic maintenance of existing roads is being ignored. Thus,... »

Hyderabad Graduates Flying Abroad For Higher Studies

Hello, Its really sad to know that every year on average 30k graduates are flying to abroad for pursuing their higher studies. Its indirectly boosting and helping to improve the economy of other countries. Many colleges abroad are now depending on Indian students and they are attracting these students with special offers and scholarships.... »