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Makara Sankranti – Spiritual and Historical significance

Significance of Sankranthi

The Utraayan festival, Makara Sankranti, which falls on 14th January is the beginning of an auspicious phase in the Indian culture. It is also known as the ‘holy phase of transition’ because it signifies the end of Dhanurmas, the month…

Significance of Sankranthi

Sankranthi is basically a harvest festival. Beyond this, it has astronomical significance. Every part in our celebration during this three day festival has a meaning and importance starting from Bhogi to Kanuma, from bonfire to kite flying.

Hyderabadis had Great Fun on Sankranthi in the City!

Sankranthi was celebrated with great pomp and joy by the citizens of Hyderabad. The vacation of three-four days gave a much awaited break to busy Hyderabadis to stay back at home, travel peacefully on roads, which are usually crowded with vehicles and once again the traffic was light with better traffic sense. The city celebrated Sankranthi on rooftops flying kites.

Post Sankranthi Precautions – For Non-Kite Flyers

Though the festival and festive mood is over, the remains of Sankranthi are still in the air. I’m not talking about leftover sweets and snacks, but about the cut-off kites that are still stuck in the electric wires and trees of the city. This is a usual scenario in Hyderabad, at least for a week following the festival. The local Hyderabadis are pretty much aware of this situation, but not so are the non-kite flyers and non-natives

Kite Festival-2013 – Gymkhana Grounds Hyderabad

Sankranthi in Hyderabad is rather kite flying than anything else. Kite flying starts a week before the festival and ends with the festival. This year, kite flying was sluggish before the festival, because of the mid-exams, but as the festival…