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The Spectacle of Night Light-Kite Flying in Hyderabad

While the kite flying is usually observed during the day, some parts of Hyderabad city fly kites at night. People fly sky/paper lanterns: specially designed kites that glow in the sky. Some people use halogen-lights to light up the sky. The sky looks beautiful with these spectacular lights.

Hyderabad Womenfolk, Come on, Let’s Fly Kites!

Hyderabad is a city where women are almost equal to men – even in flying kites. Women participate in flying kites with great enthusiasm like men. Though they are not that skilled like men, they make an attempt to fly a kite and enjoy seeing the kite fly high.

Celebrate Sankranthi in Unique Hyderabadi Style

Sankranthi is one of the most awaited festivals of the year for people of Hyderabad. This is one such festival that is celebrated in advance by kite enthusiasts. No matter which religion or community you belong to, people in hyderabad…