Hyderabad First Mayor Sarojini Pulla Reddy Expires

Hyderabad First Mayor Sarojini Pulla Reddy Expires

Congress active leader and Ex-Minister Sarojini pulla reddy, 85 years old, expired on 3rd February 2013 at her residence in Bowenpally location. She was suffering from Pancreatic cancer. Her husband Pulla Reddy, chief medical officer in South Central Railway in 1945, died in 1970. She was the 1st woman mayor of Municipal Corporation of... »

Limit to Higher Education Scholarship

Scholarship for candidates pursuing MCA and MBA has been fixed at a limit of Rs 27,000 which comes into effective in 2012-13, regardless of tuition fee. The Scheduled Category candidates are reimbursed with fee. The maximum fee reimbursed under the scholarship scheme is fixed at Rs 27,000. The fees prescribed for each student per... »

Necessity of Practical English Skills in the Job – Effective Preparation of students for the World of Work

Acquiring English practical skills forms a part of effective preparation of students for the world of work. Right from finding a job to getting a job, performing in a job and growing in a job, one needs to possess good English skills, if not they may fall behind in the job market. Need for... »

The Height of Khairathabad Ganesh Will be Fixed at 56 Feet

The Ganesh Utsav Committee has decided to fix the height of the popular Khairathabad Ganesh idol at 56 feet from next year. The committee has the tradition to increase the height of the Ganesh idol every year by one feet and this year it has reached to 56 feet. Considering different aspects like safety,... »

New Sewage Treatment Plants to Clean Up Hussain Sagar Lake

Improving the Hussain Sagar Lake and its surrounding areas is a part of Hussain Sagar Lake and Catchment Area Improvement Project (HCIP) which is being conducted by Buddha Purnima Project Authority (BPPA), nodal organisation under HMDA, with aid from the Japan International Cooperation Agency. The main objective of HCIP is to make the Hussain... »

Private Schools Have to Admit Students from Financially Weaker Sections

As per Supreme Court, the Right to Education Act, 2009 aims to enable children from weaker sections to access primary eduction with no cost. Under this Act, private schools have to get students from disadvantaged groups. The pronouncement would come into effect in 2012-13 session. The apex court asserted that, the fact that one... »

Yemeni National with 20kg Kath Leaves Found in the City

In view of illegal drug trafficking being rapid in the city, another illegal drug peddling case came in to the light. The city police caught a Yemeni national at Puranapul, possessing 20kg of Kath leaves (banned narcotic substance), brought from Ethiopia from air. This incident took place on the eve of New Year. The... »

WHO to Monitor City’s Traffic

21 Jun 11: WHO has decided to monitor road traffic in the city to implement its road safety project. Hyderabad is one of the two cities in the country, which got selected by WHO for this project, as the deaths due to road accidents is listed in the top 10 causes for death. The... »

Formal Business Attire for Women

Formal Business Attire for Women

Dressing formally to an interview or to your job shows your boss, colleagues, clients or the interviewee that you have the minimum requirements and interest in working. If you don’t wear formal attire, you may be regarded as having no interest in working or someone who will become a problem employee »

Formal Business Attire for Men

Due to both expense and humid conditions, the Indian office formal wear has been already reduced from a suit to only light shirt and suit pants. The dress code covers the full attire including accessories like shoes, belt etc. Formal business dress should be paired with appropriate accessories – lesser the better. »