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Hyderabad city is a 400 year cosmopolitan urban center – a meeting point of various religions, north and south Indian cultures as well as Western and Indian civilizations. There is no resource that adequately represents this view point of Hyderabad city.

Hyderabad-india-online.com (HIOC) was started with a simple goal – to make a good website about Hyderabad that is functional/useful to the needs of the middle class i.e., educated, hard working people who lead a virtuous and sensible lifestyle. Hence, we cover some topics that are important but are not typically covered at other websites.

Unlike most sites focused on entertainment and latest news – we, at HIOC, have taken a principled view to make a positive impact on Hyderabad city with our site while providing information that is useful and helpful to Hyderabad citizens.

If you are a Hyderabadi or planning to settle in Hyderabad, we strongly recommend you to go through our Opinions section. We believe that it is this section that differentiates us from other sites. We believe that the opinion section should be the major reason for you to come to our website again and again.

Another major highlight of our website is our Education section, which enables you to clearly differentiate between academics, which has been commercialized today, and true education, which enables a positive transformation in the society.

If you are looking for a career in services sector of Hyderabad, go through our Preparation section, which provides job-oriented training. This section not only helps you to find a job in services sector, but also to perform well on the job.

Finally, we want to mention that we are neither one of those static websites with outdated information, nor are we among those who keep stuffing their websites with useless stuff. We constantly update our website with functional, useful and thought-provoking information. So, keep checking back!

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