State of Real Estate in Hyderabad – January 2009

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Deccan Chronicle is the English paper of Hyderabad. If you want to get results from advertising in Hyderabad newspaper, then you basically put up Ad in Deccan Chronicle. Their advertising rates are higher but they work. That is how it works. Deccan Chronicle (DC) has a special section on Real Estate that comes out every Friday that is called DC Estates

Earlier, big real estate companies used to put half page ads in DC Estates. The smaller ones either put in mid sized ads or sometimes very small ads. Last year, you would find anywhere between 20-40 advertisements in each weekly edition.

For the past several weeks, the DC Estates has reducted to half its previous size. From 4 pages earlier, it is now down to 2 pages.

That has been happening for roughly two months. But on Friday, 16 January 2009 not one single ad appeared in the entire DC Estates section. Essentially, not even one builder in Greater Hyderabad thought it worthwhile to put even a small ad.

A tell tale sign of the status of the real estate market and the interest being shown by real estate buyers!

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