Choosing Decent Localities In Hyderabad With Reasonable Realty Prices

There has always been a good demand for affordable housing in Hyderabad. For many people Hyderabad is one of the preferred cities to get settled. Amidst growing demand during boom times, Hyderabad city became Greater Hyderabad from April 2007 and has grown from 175 sq. km to 650 sq. km and is divided into 5 Zones. The reality prices were exorbitant during those times, however later that showed some respite at least in some localities.

With the expansion of the city, many people are unable to figure out the best area to buy a house at affordable price and stay close to the city. Many of them are not aware of the prices in different zones of Hyderabad and are purchasing houses far away from the center of the city, often at higher prices. The information given below gives you an idea of the property pricing in Hyderabad and the detailed table may help you in decision making while purchasing a house.

Prices of properties in some interesting localities

North Zone: Double bedroom flats at Sainikpuri and Yapral are available at around Rs. 19 lakhs. At Balanagar, they will cost around Rs. 26 lakhs.

East Zone: A 2 bedroom flat at Mallapur costs around Rs. 19 lakhs only. It will cost around Rs. 23 lakhs at Bandlaguda or Uppal.

South Zone: A 2 bedroom flat at Dilsukhnagar costs around Rs. 23 lakhs. At L.B nagar, it would be bit more expensive at around Rs. 25 lakhs.

West Zone: Double bedroom flats at Chandanagar cost around Rs. 14 lakhs (around 900 sq. ft.). When it comes to Kukatpally and Miyapur, double bedroom flats range between Rs. 29 and Rs. 34 lakhs.

Expensive localities

According to the property prices listed in the outlook money recently, the most expensive area in the city is Begumpet. If you want to buy a double bedroom flat in Begumpet area, it would cost you around Rs. 48 lakhs of rupees. They are more costly than the flats at Kondapur, which cost around Rs. 40 lakhs.

Reasonable places to buy a flat

Flats at Mallapur are the most affordable as they cost under Rs. 20 lakhs and most importantly, they are not far away from the main city. One more option you can consider is Uppal. The distance between Begumpet and these areas is approximately 15 kms. Double bedroom flats at Ramanthapur are also affordable at Rs. 25 lakhs and are very close to the center of the city.

Click to view detailed list of property prices in Hyderabad

Note: We have mentioned the approximate prices of double bedroom flats with areas ranging from 1100 to 1200 sq. ft. just to give you an idea of the pricing in different locations. The prices will vary depending on the exact location of the property.

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