80% Customers Dissatisfied with their Realty Developers

A survey was conducted by Track2realty team on customer satisfaction, on about 2000 middle and upper middle class owners. Many interesting facts relating to the real estate came in to light as a result of this survey.

As per the reports of the survey, 80% of the buyers (1st time or 2nd time) are highly dissatisfied with the homes they bought. They are very much dissatisfied with the realtors who are offering normal budget homes. Further, 92% found government housing to be better than private housings.

According to other reports, surprisingly 74% of these people would like to invest in the shares of same real estate firm, with which they are dissatisfied.

Another interesting to note is that, 75% of them repent investing with their own developer, though 65% of them feel that they have good price for their shares.

Out of 80% of the dissatisfied customers, 31% are preparing or already filed a case in the court against their real estate developer. And 43% of them who has moved to the courts are not interested in settlements out of court.

87% of people having double income are planning to buy better homes. The main reasons for this kind of response from customers, as cited by them are poor construction quality (92 per cent), poor facilities (69 per cent) and 67 per cent are sulking over the hidden costs. Other complaints include delayed possession, and short-changing on the carpet and floor area.

Source: Track2realty

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