Which Floor of an Apartment is Better?

By: B. K. Vijay

With the rapid increase of population and aggressive occupancy of the space available in cities like Hyderabad, it is difficult to find an independent house. With a necessity to adjust in the urban area, you need to compromise on your needs by choosing an apartment.

If you are planning to buy or rent an apartment, consider the issues such as the location, price, parking, size, safety, balcony space and so on. Among them, choosing the right floor in an apartment is also necessary. Though this process sounds simple, there are several tricky issues that make you regret on choosing an inappropriate one.

Factors to be considered

While you select a floor of an apartment, it is better to consider certain factors. Some of them include view, noise, security, accessibility, and money.


Some people like to prefer top floors in order to enjoy the view of the surroundings. However, those who wish to opt for higher floors should be ready to pay higher prices.


Generally, ground floor and first floor of an apartment are noisier. Traffic and other sounds from surroundings always go round your ears. Those who are habituated or do not care for noisy room, can opt for them. You also need to bear the sounds made by people living in the upper floors if you opt for the lower ones. However, selecting second, third, or fourth floor would be much better to avoid disturbance to students and other elderly people.


It is risky to choose lower floors as they are much prone to crime and are less secure. Any one may enter the first or a ground floor apartment from outside. Even if you have enough security features for your apartment, it is better to choose second or third floor to get rid of such risks.


Accessibility is another option that is needed to be considered while finalizing on the floor of the apartment. It is better to choose a ground floor where there is no need to use a lift. However, you can also choose lower floors like first, second or third floor where you can also comfortably take the stairs.


It is better to choose a right floor based on the amount you can afford. Generally, lower floors including ground and first floors are much cheaper when compared to the upper ones. So if you plan spend fewer amounts then opt for ground or first floor.

Apart from these, there are several other things that need to be kept in mind while choosing a right floor. When the pipes and layouts are damaged, then it is more problematic for people living in the ground and first floors. Due to such issues, some people avoid choosing the lower floors.

Some people also consider the facility of proper elevators. If your apartment does not have an elevator, and if there are disabled or elderly people in your family, then you can opt for a ground floor. However, you can also choose first or second floor if you have an elevator.

Choosing a right floor of an apartment depends on your personal needs and interests. However, opting for second or a third floor would be comfortable and convenient in many ways.

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