Don’t Compromise on Quality Electric Cables for Your Home

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By: B. K. Vijay

How can one imagine a truly happy home without proper safety? Safety is the most important factor that is to be considered while constructing a home. If it is being said about safety, then it is necessary to mention the need of good electrical wiring, as this is one aspect of house that often creates life threatening incidents. Well insulated good quality electric cables should be used while installing power and electrical systems. These cables are shock proof and maintain uninterrupted and reliable delivery of electricity. However, there is a high need for everyone to understand the necessity and importance of using good quality electrical cables.

Necessity of quality electric cables
You should not compromise with the quality of electric cables for house wiring. When selecting the electric cables and wires, you need to be careful and should keep in mind the probable amount of damage that is likely to happen due to low quality cables. A high tensile strength and perfect resistance to high temperatures are the features of quality cables.

A combination of electric conductors held together with an overall sheath is said to be a power cable. As said, generally copper wires are used for house wiring purposes. The cables should contain high quality copper wire with fire resistant plastic.

If the copper wires contain impure or low quality copper, heat may be generated leading to short circuits. Such wires may simply act like heaters. The plastic insulation around it may catch fire causing huge damage to the entire house. Also, appropriate cabling should be used for various equipments. Otherwise, your electronic appliances such as television, refrigerator, and so on are at the risk of premature failure.

Importance of earthing
Inadequate earthing causes performance problems. Over voltage protection and voltage stabilization are the main purposes of earthing. A low-resistance conductor should be used to connect the ground wires to the earth. An ambulance is allowed to pass through even in heavy traffic. Its main purpose is to save life of the victim. In the same way, the earthing ensures safety and prevents any electric shocks. A floating or an unconnected ground causes malfunction of electronic equipment. Therefore, you should not overlook the importance of proper earthing.

Ensure that the best power cable is purchased from a standard certified cable manufacturer. You can assure 100% safety and satisfaction by use of the best quality electric cables. It is essential to cross check the product quality, and its manufacturers while purchasing power cables. It is also advisable to follow a wiring safety code in order to protect people and buildings from electrical shock and fire hazards.

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