Month: May 2011

Choose Flooring Considering Safety First

Your home will be comfortable, functional and healthy only when you don’t compromise on some basic, yet important features. Flooring is one such feature, we should never overlook as we will be in more physical contact with floor unlike the ceilings or walls.

Assessing the Quality of Steel to Ensure Strong Home

Similar to a skeleton which gives proper appearance to our body, steel gives the required structure to the building. It is hence necessary to assess the quality of steel to ensure a strong and structured home. As you know, steel is used in combination with concrete for construction of slabs, footings, lintels, and stairs. High strength in compression is brought with concrete. However, to provide high tensile strength for reinforcements, steel is used along with concrete. Read through to know about quality features of steel.

No Mortgage Rule for Small Buildings

The 10% mortgage rule for residential constructions on plots of size of 100 sq. meters and above was scrapped by the municipal administration and urban development (MAUD). Earlier, the mortgage rule was applicable only for the buildings whose size is…

A Unified Authority to Arrange Land Allotments

A unified authority is to be set up by the government to make land allotments. The concerned government authorities were asked by the Chief Minister to make transparent land policies with the help of stakeholders’ consultation. It was even decided…

Property Tax Surcharge Blows from Next Year

It is decided by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) that the five percent property tax on residential and commercial buildings in the city suburbs will be blown from the next year. The commercial buildings which were built before 2007…