Properties with Cell Towers Need to Pay Additional Property Tax

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GHMC has warned the house owners who have leased their terraces for establishing cell towers of private telecom companies and collecting rents between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month, that it will claim additional property tax. GHMC has started issuing notices to these building owners. A fixed tax rate of Rs.25 to Rs.60 per square feet of the area covered by the cell tower will be charged as per the Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Act, 1955. The tax rate will also be influenced by the locality. This tax rate should be paid in addition to general property tax. It is estimated that the corporation would be generating an income of Rs. 5 crore per annum through these taxes.

Officials have also made it clear that residential buildings collecting huge amount of rents on towers, will be considered as a commercial activity. As every commercial activity requires trade licenses, the building owners and cell phone companies have to obtain trade licenses.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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