Tenants Can Enjoy a 5 Year Stay – New Rent Agreement Model from SC

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A landlord-tenant agreement model was drafted by the Supreme Court to reduce the landlord-tenant disputes and litigation. As per the model, the tenants can enjoy staying in the house for 5 years provided they pay the rent at the market rate, increase it for every three years by 10%, and pay the property tax. Therefore, when the rent is paid by the tenants based on the present and prevalent market rent, then the landlords have no need to force the tenants out from the house. According to the model, the tenants should also pay the property tax, water tax, electricity charges, and maintenance charges for the premises in addition to the rentals. The tenants also are to bear any enhancement in these charges. Any minor repairs for the premises can be carried on by the tenants. However, the major ones should be done only with the permission of the landlords.

In most of the landlord-tenant disputes, no written contracts are available. In addition, with the slow process of rent control laws and judicial process in eviction, the tenants are taking an advantage. However, the new model is set to bring down these issues.

Source: Times of India

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Tenants Can Enjoy a 5 Year Stay - New Rent Agreement Model from SC, 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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