GHMC has No Clue on its Own Properties

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The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has no clues on the number of properties that it owns in the core city. As per the Town Survey Land Records (TSLR) of the Hyderabad collectorate, the district has about 1,750 government properties vested with municipality (GVM). However, the GHMC finds records of not more than 500 properties that include markets, buildings and vacant land (leased). But, as per the TSLR records, there are 99 vacant lands, 217 playgrounds and 1,437 municipal properties that included buildings, complexes and markets.

It was found that the TSLR data was collected in 1973. A lot of changes have undergone with respect to the properties, particularly the land. However, these were not recorded then. The vacant lands included development of many colonies several decades ago. About 140 such GVM properties are now taken over by the Hyderabad Metro Rail for the metro rail project.

There were some allegations that the files had been taken away by some estate wing staff secretly. In order to find the details of records of the leased properties, GHMC took the help of the revenue department. However, it could find only 104 files of the 272 properties (open land) leased to private people. Of them, 55 leased properties were in central zone, 13 in north zone and 36 in south zone of the corporation.

A survey was initiated by the GHMC along with the Hyderabad district administration to find the details of the properties. It would include verification of location of each and every property, current position and occupants, in case of encroachment. The GHMC proposed to protect the properties by fencing, fixing boards and removing encroachments, if any, upon completion of the survey.

Source: Times of India

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