AP Building Rules 2012, Came in to Effect

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The Andhra Pradesh Government has issued new building norms, called Andhra Pradesh Building Rules, 2012, which replace 19 GOs issued in the last decade. These rules apply uniformly to municipalities, municipal corporations and urban development authorities. The important rules include:

  • For plot sizes ranging between 50 sq.m to 300 sq.m., reduction of setbacks has been decided.
  • A clearance certificate from Pollution Control Board should be obtained for the constructions having more than20,000 sq.m built up.
  • Buildings with central courtyard or ‘U’ shaped buildings are restricted to only commercial ones.
  • Transfer of development rights permissibility so as to facilitate road development plans has hiked from 100% to 200%.
  • Buildings are also given a provision of taking steps from National Building Code (NBC), for a barrier free environment.
  • Restrictions imposed for building activities taken up in the vicinity of heritage structures, water bodies, electrical lines, airports, and defense establishments.
  • For the buildings having adequate parking area, respite on property tax for five years has been proposed.
  • Projections and corridors are not permitted in setback areas.
  • A plot-size area of 2000 sq.m is essential for construction of high-rise building or complexes.

The present new rules were proposed after working for more than a year, so that they are very clearly explained to property owners as some of these issues were being misused.

Source: The Hindu

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