Indian Researchers Introduce Nano Sand for Stronger Buildings

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Indian researchers from the Central Building Research Institute have developed nano sand, which they claim will help construct stronger building in a shorter time. The researchers applied nano technology to modify the structure of sand to obtain Nano sand, or silica particles, which can replace the normal sand in cement concrete with effective benefits.

According to the researchers, Nano sand not only increases the strength of cement concrete but also reduces the time for curing. This sand is expected to significantly improve engineering properties of materials on which cement is used. When this sand is added to the cement paste, it gives compressive strength and calcium leaching resistance to cement.

The head of the research mentioned that the Nano technology is playing a key role in finding exciting applications in the construction sector. He added saying that using this technology the structure of the material can be improved along with its bulk properties like mechanical performance, volume stability, durability and sustainability.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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