HMDA Master Plan May Get Delayed: Around 5,000 Objections Raised

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The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority’s Master plan to further extend and develop the metropolitan region is getting delayed due to various reasons. According to sources, till 31 March, 2012 HMDA has received around 5,000 – 5,500 objections and suggestions from about 4,446 people.

Besides all the received objections, as elections to the local bodies are in due, HMDA is also anticipating objections from elected sarpanches, ZPTC members and others. With these many issues, HMDA has yet to study the objections and suggestions received from the people and then need to finalise the development promotion regulations. It might be finished this year-end or it may take longer.

The proposed master plan covers an area of 5,965 sq. km includes the extended area of the HMDA (5,018, Outer Ring Road Growth Corridor (330, parts outside ORR of erstwhile HUDA (432 and the erstwhile Hyderabad Airport Development Authority (185 It also covers 35 mandals in the four districts of Rangareddy, Medak, Nalgonda and Mahboobnagar.

Till now the officials have gone through the objections and suggestions from 10 out of 35 mandals. They found that most of the objections are related to the permissions given for layouts by gram panchayats, conversion of bio-conversation zones into residential zones and land acquisition for the proposed Regional Ring Road (RRR).

According to the officials, to look at all the remaining objections, for drafting the proposals, and for getting them approved by both HMDA and State governments, it would take not less than six months.

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