Allotment of HMDA Owned Commercial Spaces Goes Online

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The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) has introduced a new system for allotment of shops and office blocks in the commercial complexes owned by the civic body. According to the new system, the vacancies of all the spaces available in each of the HMDA owned complexes will be displayed on the website,

Till now, the allotment of spaces in all the commercial complexes was made in the first-cum-first serve basis for a fixed rental and interestingly, there was no proper system for informing the public about the vacancies, reported an official from HMDA.

Thus, in order to improve the transparency and accountability in the leasing of the vacant spaces, HMDA introduced this new IT-enabled system. This new system will be applicable to all the HMDA owned complexes such as Swarna Jayanthi, Maitrivanam and Maitrivihar, which are leased out for commercial purposes.

The new system has come in to effect from 11 July and as per the new system details of the shops, office blocks, names of the lease holders, period of lease, and vacancies will be displayed on HMDA’s website.

Moreover, on every Saturday or on the last working day of the week the details of all the vacant spaces will be updated in the website. From that day, 10 days time will be given for filing the applications.

After 10 days, depending on the number of applications the allotment will take place. If there is only one applicant for one particular shop/office space, that space will be allotted to him on the lease basis on the prescribed rent. In case, if there are more than one applicants for the same space, e-bidding will be conducted for allotment. In case, if there are no applicants the notification will continue and the allotment will be done on first-cum-first serve basis.

Source: The New Indian Express

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