HMDA Planning to Conduct Awareness Campaign to Plot Owners on LRS

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In order to encourage property owners of unauthorized layouts to regularize their plots under the Layout Regularization Scheme (LRS), the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) has decided to launch an awareness campaign for the plot owners.

According to the sources individual applicants of LRS are paying penalisation charges, open space charges and change of land use charges to the HMDA. But, as per the officials if a group of plot owners come together for regularising their plots which is 10% of the open space in the layout, the HMDA would waive all the above mentioned charges. If the 10% open space is not available officials are suggesting the owners to ask their developers to earmark the open space.

The officials added saying that, due to lack of awareness regarding land use of the layout, landowners have been paying land conversion charges which are about 50% per square yard. But in reality, they need to pay the change of land use charges only when land has been earmarked for other an residential use in the master. If the land is earmarked for residential use, they don’t have to pay any charges. As most of the land in HMDA is for residential use, the officials are saying that the plot owners only have to pay the penalisation charges on pro rate basis as on January 1, 2008.

Hence in order to educate plot owners on the remaining issues HMDA commissioner has asked all four zonal commissioners to conduct an awareness campaign among plot owners on the LRS as the deadline for the scheme would end on September 30.

Source: TOI

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