New Land Allotment Policy for Industrial and Infrastructure Projects

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The state government of Andhra Pradesh in the first week of September announced a new land policy which was based on the idea of the current chief minister of the state. The new reform is to put an end to the discretionary allotment of thousands of acres of land by the state government to various industrial and infrastructural projects.

According to the sources the new land policy was approved by state Cabinet. As per the new land policy a deadline of 90 days will be fixed before either approving or rejecting the request for land allotment for different purposes including industrial and infrastructure projects. The new policy also makes it mandatory for the departments to send the requests for land allotments to the respective authorities within 30 days from receiving the approval.

All these proposals will be verified by the AP Land Management Authority which had been constituted with different members. This authority will take the charge to in clearing the proposals which helps the government to allot the lands quickly. According to the sources, the process by the authorities should be completed within 60 days from receiving the request from the respective wings. The new policy also assesses the genuine requirement of the land required for each project and the allotments will be done accordingly. Further, the same authority has the powers to review the allotments and if is found misused, it also has the authority to resume the land.


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