Simple Tips to Make Your House Vaastu Perfect

In this article, we have listed some simple tips that can be followed without doing any major alternations to your existing house. These tips are very easy to follow and don’t worry, these alterations won’t cost you money. Let’s have a look at them.

Placing of certain things:

  • Place heavy items like sofa sets, tables, almirahs, fridge or any heavy item in the south-west corner.
  • Lockers of cash and jewellery should be kept on south-west which opens towards north.
  • Have your dinning room in the west portion of the house.
  • Don’t place a mirror directly in front of the bed and in the kitchen.
  • Grow a Tulsi plant in front of the house, it is considered auspicious.
  • Don’t have a cactus plant inside the house. You can place it outside the boundary.
  • If you have computers place it in the south-west corner.
  • Television or radio should be placed in the south-west corner.

Personally take care of these things:

  • Don’t sit or sleep under a beam. Avoid having your bed under the beam.
  • While studying students should either face the north or east. And when sleeping should place their heads towards east and legs towards west.
  • While cooking one should face east or north.
  • You should never sleep with head in the north. It is better to sleep with head towards the east or south.
  • You should face either north or east while eating.
  • Avoid eating or drinking in a standing position.


  • Avoid hanging paintings of crime, violence, sorrow or agony.
  • Don’t keep broken mirrors or things that are out of order in house.
  • Always keep the north-east portion of the house neat.
  • Don’t place your foot wear under the bed.
  • Don’t keep the bathroom doors open. Keep them closed after you use it.
  • Get creaking doors and windows oiled immediately.
  • The north-east portion of the house should be free from clutter.

Well, if you have done some of these changes in your house, you will surely observe some positive changes in your life. Our next article will be on basic things to look for while buying an independent house or an apartment.

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