Month: April 2013

Pay Only 1.5% Duty on Transfer of Property

Having revised the property registration charges and land values, the state government has revised the duty on transfer of property. According to the GO released by the Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA & UD) department, the duty on transfer of property has been reduced in all municipal corporations, municipalities and panchayats throughout the state.

Registration Charges Hiked in AP

The registration fees payable on sales/purchase of properties have surged because the government raised the market value of properties throughout the state. The rise in market values is up to 150%. It is so in places with real estate values…

Flat Owners to Bear Cost of Security

Under the proposed public safety act, owners of residential multi-storeyed buildings (MSBs) and gated communities (people living in residences equipped with gates to monitor people walking, those going by auto-mobiles and bicycles) will have to install security measures at their cost in the apartments.

Srinagar Colony Road Declared a Commercial One

The municipal administration and urban development (MA&UD) department of state government has given a GO (MS No. 51) declaring Srinagar Colony main road a commercial road, ‘Category B’. The road is 1.42 km long and extends from from Satya Sai…

No Hike in Property Tax for Hyderabadis

The government has approved the GHMC budget for 2013-14 without any hike in property tax rates. With no hike in property taxes, property tax on buildings including those of state and union governments, is likely to bring Rs 950 crore…