State Government to Levy Huge Penalty on Unauthorised Constructions

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This time state government is planning to levy huge penalties on builders who construct unauthorised buildings. The MAUD has introduced a new bill in the Assembly for unauthorized constructions. Officials are also planning to amend the existing acts in this regard.

As per the new bill, corporations and municipalities can charge 25% of the property tax as penalty if the violation of permissible setbacks is up to 10%. For more than 10% they will charge 50% of the property tax. For unauthorised floors or totally unauthorised constructions, penalty will be 100% property tax.

The proposed bill also includes providing 5% property tax rebate in case the property tax for the entire financial year is paid before 30 April. A time limit of 90 days will be provided from the commencement of the half-year for payment of property tax without any interest.

Source – The Indian Express

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State Government to Levy Huge Penalty on Unauthorised Constructions, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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1 comment for “State Government to Levy Huge Penalty on Unauthorised Constructions

  1. Kothapally
    November 26, 2014 at 11:28 pm

    In the name of BRS, many residential buildings constructed with 100% coverage in small sites (below 250 Sq.Yds.) are regularized. These houses do not have parking for themselves.
    Who is losing. Because of no greenery, surrounding houses of colony are severely effected. Hence these regularised buildings shall be made to pay house tax every year @ 50% to 100% extra basing on encroachment of MANDATORY open spaces. This way to discourage such constructions.
    Additional one more floor need to be permitted extra if 90% STILT is left for parking.

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