Tube Lights, CFLs, LEDs – What is the Best Option?

Though, there are many new technologies emerging in lighting, like compact flourescent lamps (CFLs) and light emitting diodes (LEDs), nothing could beat tube lights in terms of cost, durability and nature of light. Let’s see how tube lights are better than CFLs and LEDs.

Benefits of tube lights over CFL bulbs and LED bulbs


  • Tube lights are cheaper than CFLs and LEDs

    • Tube lights are more cost effective and cheaper than CFLs and LED bulbs in purchase and maintenance.

    • Initial cost: Tube lights are approximately 5 to 8 times cheaper than CFLs and 10 to 12 times cheaper than the LEDs. For example, cost of a 40W tube light that emits about 2,500 lumens of brightness is around Rs 45, while cost of CFL and LED that emits same brightness is around Rs. 350 and Rs. 500 respectively.

    • Maintenance cost: For emitting 2,500 lumens, tube lights consume 40W of power while CFL bulbs and LED bulbs consume 40W and 24W respectively.
    • In case of damage, tube light and parts can be replaced individually and are cheaper. Whereas, CFLs and LEDs need to replace with entire new set in case of damage, that again is expensive.

    • Durability: Tube light and parts of it like starter, ballasts and stand are very durable. Life span of a tube light is 10,000 hours, starter 5,000 hours, ballasts 50,000 hours and tube light stand lasts forever.
  • Tube lights are user friendly

    • Light from tube light is distributed: Tube light is brighter than that from CFLs and LEDs and spreads evenly. Light is emitted from every inch of its length and the brightness is distributed to wider area. In CFLs, LEDs light is emitted at the centre of the bulb and spreads across its sides. This light is not as bright as tube light and cannot cover wider area like a tube light.

    • Light emitted from tube light is pleasant: Tube lights will not hurt eyes when stared at it. It also causes less strain to the eyes when used for studying or working for a long time.Whereas, light emitted from CFLs and LEDs is harsh on eyes. It hurts when stared at them and strains your eyes when you work for long time under them.

    • To summarize this, I use the words of an experienced electrical shop keeper, who said that,”CFLs attack your eyes”.

So, by considering all these things, tube lights are the best sources of light because they are economical and user friendly.

Tube lights are available in different dimensions

Tube lights are available in different dimensions like T12, T8 and T5 and we will discuss about them in detail in our next article.

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