Why is it Important to Buy a House According to Vaastu?

Buying a house is a dream come true for many people. When buying a house there are many things that home buyers need to consider, like the house should preferably be in the city centre or nearby, price range should fall within the budget, house should be near to a bus stop or close to a market, etc. Other than these practical things, one key factor that they need to consider is vaastu.

There are people who believe in vaastu and people who don’t believe in vaastu. Even if you are not a vaastu believer, you need to buy or build your house according to vaastu, otherwise at the time of selling the property, you won’t find good buyers.

Importance of vaastu
Vaastu is important for three reasons.

1. The first reason is, if you buy a house as per vaastu it will bring positivity and peace to all the members living in your family. It is about Indian architecture to help empower quality of living at home.

2. The second reason is, if your house is not according to vaastu, when selling the property you won’t have bargaining power and the value (price) of the house will be low when compared to neighborhood property.

3. The third reason is, after few years of living in the house, if you are planning to sell it because of some emergency, like you are in urgent need of huge amount or you are moving to other country, you will not face any difficult in disposing off the property, because your property is as per vaastu guidelines.

Type of neighbors and community – when there is vaastu defectAs they say birds of same feathers flock together. When a certain building or neighborhood has bad vaastu, those who care will not purchase or live in such places. Leave about owning a place, many will not rent a property having vaastu defect.  So the presence or absence of Vaasthu can attract or banish people from a certain neighborhood or society.  If all the people in a community are traditional or anti-traditional – there will be difference in outlook to life. This makes much difference in the mindset and personality of the community itself.

Limited buyers if the property is built against vaastu
In case, if the property that you are planning to sell is not according to vaastu, you will surely find it difficult to dispose the property.

Even if there are buyers, they will not buy it at the current market price, they will push down the price hard and get away by saying that the house is not built as per vaastu and they need to reconstruct the house to make it as per vaastu guidelines.

Commercial value will be less
If the house is against vaastu, the commercial value will be lower and it will not be as profitable as an investment. It will take much of your effort to dispose-off the property.

In order to make your investment profitable you need to make sure that the house you buy or planning to build is according to vaastu, so that you won’t struggle in the future at the time of selling the property.

When it comes to vaastu, there are some major and minor things to check and inspect in the house. Because purchasing a house is a big investment, you need to ensure major ‘doshalu’ (issues) are not there before making the final call. We will discuss about vaastu audit – non-conformance both major and minor principles in our next article.

Not about individual perception – vaasthu makes big difference

There are some who wrongly believe that since vaasthu is not important for them, others will also be like that. Or that educated people don’t care for vaasthu. Just check for yourself what percentage of people don’t marry as per traditional ceremony. See the number of visitors to temples during Brahmotsavams, vaikunta ekadasi festivals or the involvement of people in Ganesh nimarjanam.  People are sentimental about many things and if you don’t respect others sentiments – then you are not doing yourself a favor.  If despite all these reasons a person choses to buy a vaastu deficient property, then the person is inviting misfortune by their own actions.


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