What Does Dosha in Vaastu Mean?

Dosha in vaastu means defects, which means there is negative energy or lack of energy in the house and it is stopping the flow of positive energy. In simple terms it means, misplacement of items/rooms against the principles of vaastu and Panchmahabhutas (five elements) – air, water, earth, fire and space.

Minor and major vaastu doshas

There are minor and major defects in vaastu dosha. Minor vaastu dosha can be corrected by making some changes in the room or by changing interiors of the room or changing the placements of things.

For major vaastu doshas, certain area of the house should be demolished and this can turn out to be a bit expensive. Therefore, it is better to consult a vaastu pandit to get the solution for the dosha.

To get the maximum benefit, the five elements should be balanced, and planning of the building should be done correctly. Violating any principle of vaastu can be a costly affair.

Few examples of major doshas in various directions of a plot/house:

  1. Nairuti (South-west corner): At this corner placement of kitchen, main door, underground water tank, bore-well, toilets, extension, missing corner, are major doshas.
  2. Vayavya (North-west corner): Main door facing north in this corner is vaastu dosha.
  3. Eashanya (North-east corner): Staircases, bathrooms/toilets, kitchen, missing corner, in this corner is major vaastu dosha.
  4. Aagneya (South-east corner): Main door facing east in this corner, underground water tank, bore-wells, extension, are major doshas.

Vastu Doshas – Obstructions and T Junctions

Having an obstruction that is directly in front of the main door or main gate, such as pillar, big tree, gutter, open well, etc., is a major vaastu dosha. Another major vaastu dosha is buying or staying in a property that is on a ‘T’ junction.

Having said about a few major vaastu doshas in this article, in our next article, we will come up with some remedies that can be easily implemented to remove vaastu doshas without making any major changes in the existing house/building.


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