Key Things to Check When Buying a House – Vaastu Guidelines

Before purchasing a house there are certain key things you should consider to make sure that things go right for you. The house where one lives can influence one’s health, peace of mind and prosperity. It is best to practice vaastu guidelines to ensure better quality of life.

When it comes to vaastu, there are some key things to watch out in the house. This is because purchasing a house is a big investment you make, and you need to be very careful before making the final call.

Following is a list of major things you should know before buying a house.

Shape of the plot

The shape of the plot should either be square or rectangular. Other shapes like triangles, circular, oval or odd shapes should be avoided. Projections in any of the corner and T-junction buildings should be avoided.

Selection of the plot

Many people believe that north and east facing plots are better than south and west facing plots, which is not true. All directions are equally good, and they have their own implications and significance. For example, suitable place for kitchen is the south-east corner, for mater bed room it is south-west, for bathrooms it is east portion of the plot, etc.

Slope of the land

The plot should either be level on all the sides or the north-west should be higher than the north-east corner, south-east should be higher than the north-west corner or south-west should be higher than the south-east corner.

Soil type

It is very important to consider the type of soil while selecting a plot. Consider land that is suitable for cultivation. Soil that is red, brick red, brown or yellow is considered good. Avoid buying a plot that has black and clayey soil.

Veedhisula – Approaching road

When the roads approach the plot it is called veedhisula. Veedhisula is generally considered bad and many people avoid buying such plots. However, there are few exceptions. The road approaching from north-east of north, north-west of west and south-east of south is considered good. Whereas road approaching the plot from south-east of east, south-west of west, south-west of south and north-west of north is considered bad.

Presence of tall buildings in neighborhood

Don’t purchase a smaller plot in between two neighboring big plots. Similarly, don’t purchase a small house between two tall buildings. It brings bad luck and will make the home buyer poorer day by day.

Don’t buy a plot that has obstructions like hills, towers, tall buildings, etc., on the north, north east or east sides as the sun’s rays will be blocked.


The surroundings of a plot influence the vaastu of the place. There should be no cremation place, worship place, wells, rivers and highways, in front or adjacent or at back of the plot. Avoid buying such plots. Even if you are considering to buy a plot that has these structures in the surrounding, see to it that they are at least 10 to 15 metres away.


Brahmasthan is the central zone of a plot or house and it should be kept vacant and free from any construction. There should be no pillars, staircase, bed room, toilet, kitchen or any heavy object placed at the centre.

Disha (directions)

In vaastu there are eight directions – south-east, south-west, north-west, north-east, north, south, east and west. Every direction has a deity or lord that rules it. The directions has its significance and importance in the construction of a building. If you are planning to build your house you should have knowledge of your plot’s direction and decide in which direction your house should have entrance, living room, bed room, kitchen, toilets, pooja room, dinning hall, study room, overhead tank, septic tank, etc. If you are unable to know the directions take the help of a compass.

Sun-light and cross ventilation

Sun-light and cross ventilation play a very important role in vaastu. A house should be constructed in such a way that there should be ample sun-light coming into the house and proper cross ventilation. A good way to ensure this is to fix doors and windows opposite to each other, so that there is better light and air. More open space should be left towards north and east side of the building when compared to south and west sides.

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