Basic Types and Benefits of Gardening

Gardening is beneficial in many ways. It is directly connected to the nature and earth which stands as a great medium to release out the stress and helps in to live a healthy life. By involving in the activity of gardening we help our self to receive good quality of oxygen and also a fruitful time to be in a refreshing environment.It gives the feeling of pleasure and always purifies are soul and thoughts timely.

Benefits of Gardening

As there are many benefits of gardening which helps us to be proactive and consistent towards any work. The most commonly benefits are as follows:

1. Makes us more creative
As the Gardening is more connected to nature and earth, so it helps us to make our senses work in an activating manner. And if the senses will be in activated mode, then automatically we will get the productive result in every piece of work.

2. Reduces the stress
Spending time in gardening works to reduce the stress by way of listening the sounds made by birds, air, trees, etc., which feeds our mind with positive energy and spirit.

3. Keeps us Healthy and Fit
By doing some physical work in garden like digging the soil, pulling out the waste material and lifting it helps all muscles working properly in the body.

4. Healthy Heart
If we breathe in good environment then our heart will pump the blood to whole body actively, which in return allow us to have full focus on work and will also help in to feel relaxed and calm. And for longer time make us fit and will also fight with common health problems.

Types of Gardening

The below list is consisting some different types of gardening:

Water Gardening
Water gardening is useful to water the plant on regular basis and make them to grow in a proper way. It also used to create a feel of small fountain to be in touch with nature.

Herb Gardening
It includes many examples like Mint, Garlic, Pepper, Saffron, Olive leaf, Mustard, Nicotine, Turmeric and so on. It helps in to cure the different health related problems and also makes us healthy.

Vegetable Gardening
Vegetable Gardening is a great way to have such variety of vegetables which are highly hygienic. Now a days in market we find those vegetables which are cultivated with harmful chemicals and pesticides.
So doing vegetable gardening is a good way to live healthy life.

Flower Gardening
Flowers like Rose, Lily, Cone flower, Marigold, Sunflower, Lotus gives a good fragrance and refreshes the surrounding and makes us to have positive thoughts in our mind.

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