Why People in Hyderabad Prefer to Live in Gated Communities

Over the few years Hyderabad has emerged as a great city to live in. Affordable property price, excellent infrastructure, superior quality of living, safety and a stable and helpful government have all contributed to make this city ideal place to settle in.

Buyers, especially the young couples, are interested to invest in apartment complexes and villas in gated communities as these provide world class amenities, family friendly environment and other facilities. In Hyderabad, even mid-segment buyers have the option to invest in gated communities. There are several areas in Hyderabad where gated communities are available at reasonable prices. One another option in Hyderabad is that high networth individuals(HNI’s) can purchase villas within gated communities instead of just an apartment. This option is not available in some cities where villas are restricted to the ultra-rich like in Mumbai.

According to a recent report, property buyers are showing an increased preference to stay in gated communities. In the past couple of years demand to live in gated communities has grown and many developers have risen to the occasion to offer such residential communities.

Why people prefer to stay in gated communities?

Here are some of the reasons:

Safety and security: It is one of the most important aspects of choosing a gated community. Round the clock security personnel as well as the latest equipment ensure that all the residents are safe. As gated communities are private it is difficult to access them like the stand alone buildings. Majority of the people in Hyderabad are migrants. They have moved to the city for job opportunities. Though Hyderabad is a safe city, yet it gives peace of mind to live in a place which is safe and secure for their families as well.

Amenities: Most of the gated communities in Hyderabad are equipped with children’s play areas, swimming pool, jogging trails, gymnasiums and indoor play areas. Some of them even have supermarket, temple and ATM. All of them offer 24*7 power back up and banquet halls. These amenities make living fun, comfortable and enjoyable. Senior citizens as well as the kids can have better quality of life in such gated communities.

Maintenance: Inside of the gated community is kept clean. The surroundings are beautifully decorated and the facilities properly maintained so that the residents can enjoy their stay. In addition, the committees have maintenance personnel. You can call them to do the plumbing, repairing, painting or electrical work of your house. The maintenance committees also ensure that proper power back ups and uninterrupted water supply.

Good investment: As gated communities are available with so much amenities and facilities, it is highly in demand. Always there will be demand for such residences and their value will appreciate over the years.

If you are thinking of investing in a new property in Hyderabad, consider the gated communities. It is true that you may have to pay few bucks extra for acquiring the same square feet in comparison to a standalone property, but every penny you invest will be worth it. You and your family can expect a better quality of life.


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