Vaastu Its Importance, Implications And Limitation

Many people follow vaastu for other reasons either they don’t want to be left holding a property they cannot dispose of or worried about lower return from their real estate investment due to bad vaastu. 

Alternatively, they don’t want others regularly pointing out that life is not working out because their is a vaastu defect in their house. So even non-believers also try to be within the framework of vaastu for practical reasons. However, this article is not about that point of view.  In this article, we go into the reasons why people believe in Vaastu. Also the reasons why vaastu is a good thing to follow for your comfort and well being.

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Vaastu is part of the Vedas and Hindu Sastras – it is essential for Hindu way of living.
Vaastu principles find mention in the Atharva Veda. Shala in the atharva vedas refers to peaceful abode.  There is much thought that is applied to design the house properly and use principles with respect to flow of air, ventilation, slopes, creating or avoiding obstructions or areas that need fortification.  The location of various amenities are also considered fit only in few areas.

Vaasthu is pure common sense and designed for residents comfort
Avoiding discomfort, unease, aesthetics, bad odours seems to be one aspect of Vaastu. The other seems to facilitate comfort, freshness, ventilation especially without any effort or mechanical devices.  While both the type of housing and the materials used have changed. So have the life styles and types of work today.   However, principles of having a good plan and thinking through all the various activities and functions that are performed in the house have not changed. A home when designed well can refresh, grant proper rest and provide relaxation to handle the various challenge and to strive in life.

Vaasthu is environmentally friendly and green approach to architecture and house design Today there is a trend and a fashion to be environmentally friendly and take a green approach for everything. No doubt it is a positive step to do the same for architecture and house design.  While many people understand that vaastu is an environmentally friendly and green approach. Some get stuck up on intricacies and cannot for some reason understand that previous generations many centuries back could also think about being environmentally friendly.   While this may sound unbelievable for others, a lay man or even villagers will know that the Rishis (sages) stayed in forests in sync with nature. It was required for regular people also to spend some time in forest (vanaprastha) as a preparation for next stage of detachment from worldly material objects (sanyasa) in pursuit of moksha.  So vaasthu being environmentally friendly and a green approach to architecture and house design should not be surprising at all.

Vaasthu defects in housing is result of developer and architect lethargy
An architect who refuses to believe in vaasthu is not worried about providing peace, comforts and conveniences to the people purchasing the property. When a person feels unenergetic and feels tired even after adequate rest at a poorly designed house, it is the house owner not the architect who suffers the consequences.

Sometimes, entire areas suffer from issues as the roads itself are not facing east to west or north to south. Obviously, roads cannot be built exactly parallel to east and west line. This is due to the contour of the land. But many times, entire colonies suffer from roads itself at 30-45 degrees angle from east to west line. In such a situation, the entire homes in that area will be vaasthu defect.

Many times, it is lack of proper thinking or greed in squeezing most number of plots of land in that area that causes such issues. But the entire area will remain unfit from vaastu point of view.

Vaasthu and its limitations

While vaastu is designed for comfort, it is jyothisya or vedic astrology that determines luck more than vaastu. However, at the same time it is the karma of the person that determines the fate. Both fate from previous births is changed and the future is also shaped by the behaviors of the person’s actions. So proper conduct has big impact on good outcomes rather than only vaasthu. Also, as per Hindu philosophy seeking comforts and compromising on good conduct or behavior is also not advised. Heroes and heroines from history who have behaved well irrespective of fate are worshipped and honored deeply.

Don’t neglect vaastu due to ignorance or unreasonable contempt due to brainwashing

That being said, neglecting vaastu is also a kind of misconduct and lack of proper planning and thinking on part of the person. As we jumble costs, speed of construction, availability of resources / people and prioritize our needs – we make many trade-offs. So 100% perfect vaastu is not possible. It is only in real estate sales promotion brochures and ads we find such references.

Many benefits and comforts of vaasthu compliant houses

A house designed as per vaasthu gives many practical comforts. First it will use less electricity as both sunlight and ventilation will be done naturally. A house designed as per vaasthu will make you feel energetic when you wake up and allow restful sleep and relaxation. The same can be done mechanically using various devices like ventilators, fresh air and exhaust fans. But that requires much maintenance and costs of operating.

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