Assessing Quality of Construction

In Hyderabad, you will find many builders today providing houses and flats with fancy features but lacking in certain essential features. Since, it is your lifetime savings spent in buying a home, it is essential that you buy it from a builder who offers quality of construction along with well-designed living spaces.

Most of us are not aware how to assess the quality of a building. This is quite difficult since this is not what people do regularly.

It is surprisingly true that many home buyers do not use independent judgment or objective assessment of the builders before purchasing their home. They go by the opinion of their friends or relatives. Their judgments are based on hearsay rather than facts.

There are other factors that make it difficult to evaluate a builder objectively.

  • Mostly, low quality builders exhibit typical personalities. They roam around in big cars, have fancy offices, look extra neat and are fast confident talkers. All these games are played to prevent you from acting logically and make you feel self-conscious instead of evaluating the builder and his construction quality.
  • Others are national companies with heavy advertisements, big ads on newspapers, hoardings and TV. In such companies, you don’t seem to get past a junior sales executive. In such situations, it is difficult to assess how much the owners of the business will give priority to the quality of your home.

Despite such obstacles, it is important to assess the quality of the construction and the material used, before you make your decision. Even small things like quality of paint, cement, steel, bricks, sand, plumbing, electric cables, etc. make a big difference in the quality of construction. Poor construction quality causes not only financial loss, it leads to a lot of inconvenience.

Another assumption that most people make is that big names and fancy offices are what can help you assess the quality of construction. Some of the relatively unknown builders could be doing high quality constructions, where big name companies could be overcharging for same quality and sometimes even for lower quality.

Our goal here is to help you by providing information to accurately assess the quality of construction, scientifically and logically. I don’t think anyone can disagree that the quality of construction substantiates the quality of the builder.

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