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Basics of Vaastu

Vaastu is an ancient Indian science of Vedic origin that deals with proper construction of a house. There are five basic elements that are considered for the making and designing of the house. Following these principles, while constructing a house one would be highly beneficial as it promotes health & prosperity

What Does Dosha in Vaastu Mean?

Do you know vaastu dosha? It means defects. In simple terms it means, misplacement of items/rooms against the principles of vaastu and Panchmahabhutas. There are minor and major vaastu doshas. Read this article to know more about vaastu dosha.

Why is it Important to Buy a House According to Vaastu?

There are many things that home buyers consider when buying a house, like the house should be in city centre, budget should be balanced, house should be near to a bus stop, etc. Other than these things they need to consider vaasthu, otherwise you will face difficulty when selling the property.

Vaastu for Offices

Vaastu plays a vital role in correcting the negative energies of an office by giving the positive energy. It ensures smoothness in work with all your employees working effectively. Perfect Vaastu helps in maintaining peace, prosperity and happiness, by extracting…

Simple Tips to Make Your House Vaastu Perfect

In this article, we have listed some simple tips that can be followed without doing any major alternations to your existing house. These tips are very easy to follow and don’t worry, these alterations won’t cost you money. Let’s have…

5 Elements of Vaastu – Basics

By: B. K. Vijay When purchasing a real estate property, one of the first things that strike our mind is Vaastu. Everyone who is purchasing a property wants the Vaastu of the property to be good, even if they don’t…