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Tube Lights, CFLs, LEDs – What is the Best Option?

Though, there are many new technologies emerging in lighting, like CFLs and LEDs, nothing could beat tube lights. Tube lights are cheaper, durable and light emitted is distributed and pleasant. Maintenance of tube lights is also easy as every part of the tube light can be replaced individually when damaged.

Different Types of Tube Lights – T12, T8 and T5

There are three different types of tube lights. They are T12, T8 and T5 tube lights. Let us see in this article, how they differ from each other and which is better by comparing some key parameters like cost, energy consumption, durability, performance, pleasantness of light and affect on environment.

Things You Need To Know About New Lighting Technology – LED

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are new technology in lighting available today in the market with many benefits – energy efficient, durable and ability to work in extreme weather conditions and wide voltage ranges. The only drawback of LEDs is their cost. People will adopt LEDs if manufacturers reduce their prices.