Have an Ear for English to Learn English

By: B. K. Vijay

There are many people in Hyderabad (in fact in our country) who want to learn English but fail continuously to learn it. Many experience frustration while learning English at some or the other point. Do you know why this happens? They don’t have an ear for English or don’t have an attachment to English.

Is learning a language easy?
Whether it is English or any other language, one should also have interest and love towards it, in addition to dedication and willingness to learn. These are the factors that make the learning process enjoyable. When a person is not mentally prepared or passionate about learning a language, it will be like a punishment. This detachment or lack of affection for English is a major issue. You need to like a language in order to learn that language. This mental makeup is very much essential in learning a language as this defines the entire approach of learning.

Appreciate the language
Unless and until you feel good about a language you cannot learn it. If you aim to learn English, start appreciating it, be passionate towards the language. Loving English makes you own the language, it makes you feel connected to it, which drives your zeal and most importantly boosts your confidence levels. Remember, learning English is not a 1 month or 45 day process.

In an English speaking country, where English is the native language, a person with low IQ can also speak English. Even illiterate labors in English speaking countries are good with English. Are you worse than them? Not at all! You just need to appreciate the language and make it a part of your life. This way you can learn English easily and effectively.

Don’t think it as a foreign language
One of the main reasons that makes people struggle with English is their attitude towards the language. Many people are interested to learn English, but only for professional purposes. Inwardly, they think that it is a foreign language, which is not part of their culture. They want to benefit from this language (professionally – as it is a global language) but want to keep it away from their personal lives.

Many people who want to learn English are not appreciating it. This will only make them suffer with the dissatisfaction of not being able to learn the language. One’s inability to see the beauty of language will definitely cost him the language itself.

Read this article in Telugu:
ఇంగ్లీష్ నేర్చుకోడాని కి నేర్చుకోవాలనే కోరికతో పాటు తపన అవసరం

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