Glamorizing English Makes it Difficult to Learn English

By: B. K. Vijay

Glamorizing English makes learners keep the language at high pedestal. As a result they think that it is complex and not easy. Glamorizing keeps the people away from learning English quickly. The moment you glamorize, it becomes 3 times more difficult to learn English. You will develop a sense of inferiority and feel substandard, which basically is the major obstacle to learn English. It is useless and a stupid way of thinking.

Who glamorizes English?
Only two categories of people glamorize English. Firstly, those who are ignorant about English. Since they don’t know English, they unnecessarily think high about it. Secondly, those who have low competence (have low IQ). Except English, they have no other strength. They glamorize English to feel good about themselves.

For them English is not a language, it is a style statement. The very best examples of people of this category are film and media personalities and people with elitist mindset. They are not respectable people – who are a positive influence on society. Yes, they are popular. So are the animals in the zoo. People pay to be able to see the animals. They learn English not because of the language, but because there are many fools who think it adds to their celebrity status if they speak English with confidence. They do not make the right use of English. Most educated people don’t respect them, so they ignore their bad language. They tend to think “what more to expect from such low quality entertainers?”

Real English is plain and simple
The use of a language is to communicate your thoughts and feelings, so that all kinds of people can understand what you say. It’s not about slang, phrases or foreign accent.

People, who are successful, essentially keep their language simple and straight forward. For example, Jack Welch, the CEO of GE uses plain language in all his writings and lectures, which is very much direct and easily understandable. As a result, he has inspired many people to become successful. Another famous personality from history is Cicero, a Roman Philosopher. People used to admire him when he spoke. He did speak in a glamorous way, but he was not a great achiever. Julius Caesar, a Roman emperor, used to speak in such a way that people used to march after hearing him and is considered one of the greatest heroes of all times.

Great personalities didn’t use any kind of silly tactics to attract people. They didn’t glamorize the language. So many filmy type personalities, in their search for popularity and for fan following speak English in ways to make it appealing. Don’t try to imitate them. Just remember, they are entertainers. Most senior officers, senior managers in MNCs and scientists speak English in a different way.

Real English is simple and straight. It is the reason it has been given the status of global language. Remember the most stupid person in an English speaking country is fluent with English. If it were that difficult or so glamorous, why are beggars, idiots and illiterate people fluent with English in English speaking countries?

Deglamorizing is the way to learn English
A person used to English (whether at school, home or office) knows that it is nothing but a skill. Let us explain it in simpler terms. People from outside of Hyderabad think that Biryani is a very complex and costly dish. They tend to glamorize it. But for Hyderabadies, it is the most easily available non-veg meal that is also very cheaper than ordering rice, dal and non-veg curry separately.

First remove glamor from the mind, then only you can learn English quickly and easily. English is nothing but a skill. Let us repeat, English is a skill like cycling, swimming or driving a car. English is just like your mother tongue, which can be learned easily and quicker, but only if you stop glamorizing it.