Super 30 – Example of an Excellent NGO

Every year, great hype is created by every private institution, across the country, advertising the results obtained by their students, in cracking the country’s toughest examination – IIT-JEE. Amidst all this hype, there is one institute, which doesn’t speak anything, but still gains all the attention, strikingly, from all across the globe, only for the most virtuous reasons.

This institute comes as a true example of what is called as a ‘selfless service’. Anand Kumar, a mathematician is the founder of the most successful educational institution, ‘Super 30′, under ‘Ramanujan School of Mathematics’. Among thousands of institutes, all across the country, proudly declaring their results obtained in IIT-JEE, this institute silently lets its work do the talking.

Getting in to the details, Anand Kumar, launched this educational program in his home town, Bihar, for the purpose of training underprivileged for IIT. Every year, he selects 30 students from economically poor backgrounds like, children of farmers, daily wage earners, roadside vendors, private tutors or magazine vendors. These are the section of people who can’t even think of the exam or coaching for it. Apart from providing free education, the institute also provides free food and accommodation to the students.

Highest success rate in the country
Among thousands of institutes present all over the country, not even one institute matches the strength and values of this institute. The success rate of this institute is incredible and matchless. This institute was first established in 2002 and since then, till 2014, 318 out of 360 students have made their entries in to IITs.

In the first year of establishment, Super 30 was successful in making 18 students get selected in to IITs. After that, the number continuously rose to 22 in 2004 and 26 in 2005. It was 28 students who made in to IIT’s in 2006 and 2007. But the remarkable feat, which gave the Super 30, the much needed attention was, the all 30 students getting selected for IITs for three consecutive years, 2008, 2009 and 2010. 24, 27, 28 and 27 students got into IITs in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Year No. of Students Made to IIT
2003 18
2004 22
2005 26
2006 28
2007 28
2008 30
2009 30
2010 30
2011 24
2012 27
2013 28
2014 27

The ‘super’ achievements of this ‘Super 30′ are recognized by many great dignitaries. The ‘Time’ magazine of US, has named this institute among the list of ‘Best of Asia – 2010′. The ‘Newsweek’ magazine has included this initiative in the list of ‘four most innovative schools in the world’. Further, the Discovery channel has also broadcasted an hour long program on ‘Super 30’. It also received praise from Barack Obama’s special envoy Rashad Hussain, who said it is the ‘best institute in the country’.

For the institutes, to which education is a business, stand nowhere in front of this this institute. All the above achievements will for surely make the heads of such institutes, bow down with shame.

No to donations – standing for the purpose
Among various attributes, which make this institution unique is its serious ‘NO’ to donations. It never accepts donations from any person or organization, neither government nor private. The institute generates its own income by offering classes to intermediate students, who can afford to pay the fees.

In strong contrast to ‘money making educational institutes in India’, ‘Super 30′ initiative, has successfully stood to up to the true values of education, by not only providing quality education to the deprived society, but also by standing as a concrete example of how a true educational system should be and for what purpose it should stand for

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