Palam Kalyanasundaram’s Outstanding Service to Humanity

P. Kalyanasundaram, an epitome of charity, hails from a small town in Chennai. He is a gold medallist in library science and chose the career of a librarian. During his 35 years of career, he donated his entire salary and pension to charity and helped the needy and poor.

An American organization honoured this elderly man with the ‘Man of the Millennium’ award for his social service. Along with the award he also received an amount of Rs 30 crores, which he donated to charity.

Gandhian and a humanitarian by nature, P. Kalyanasundaram lives a simple life. He has actively dedicated more than 45 years of his life to social service.

He also runs a social welfare organization, ‘Paalam’ (bridge) that collects money and materials from the donors and distributes them among the poor.

Movie star Rajnikanth was touched by his caring nature and passion to help others and went ahead to adopt P. Kalyanasundaram as his father.

Awards and honours received by P. Kalyanasundaram

  • BAPASI award for best librarian in 2012
  • Lifetime service award from Rotary International in 2011
  • ‘Best Librarian in India’ award by Union Government in 1990
  • United Nations Organizations (UNO) honoured him as ‘One of the outstanding people of the 20th Century’
  • “Man of the Millennium” award by an American organisation
  • The International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, honoured him as ‘one of the noblest of the world’
  • Acclaimed as ‘One of the top ten librarians of the world’

P. Kalyanasundaram travelled across India whenever any serious calamities happened. He helped victims of earthquake that took place in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

“We cannot sustain ourselves, unless we contribute to the society in some way or the other. I strongly feel if even one person does his bit towards social good, there will be some change.” – P. Kalyanasundarm

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2 Responses to Palam Kalyanasundaram’s Outstanding Service to Humanity

  1. sivamani muru on November 2, 2014 at 6:38 pm

    God truly lives in the soul of Paalam Kalyanasundaram, he who has put the needs of society above his personal needs. Not one or two years of charity but all throughout his life and he’s still aspired continue his noble mission for years to come. He’s the most handsome guy by means of his good deeds and in a country were hundreds of them keep their unaccounted black money in SUISE Bank , he gave every cent he earned to the poor. Not only Mr Rajinikanth but every Indian should be proud to accept him as his father. He must be made a model to waken the conscience of our corrupted politicians. A rich man invited Guru Nanak to his home and showed off all his wealth and said I have a perfect living. Guru Nanak gave him a needle at the end of the dinner and said can you give it to me in your next birth. How is it possible said the rich man. All that is earned here has to be left here and many of us behave as though we’ll never die. we are lost in the rats race of multiplying our wealth, and soon death comes and we realize that we have not lived. Paalam Kalyanasundaram has been truly living for all of us. Even Bill Clinton said during the aftermath of tsunami, when the United States sent funds to rebuilt Tsunami proned area. “I know and can trust people like Paalam Kalyanasundaram, for he is clean and reliable Indian”.

  2. Dhiya on July 2, 2014 at 1:14 pm

    Good information.

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