Variously called by any of the following names, these organizations or initiatives essentially serve the needy. They are addressed in different ways like:

  • Voluntary organization
  • NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations)
  • Charity organizations
  • Foundation
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Social organizations
  • Not-for-profit organization
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Social welfare

Many names but serving the same function – serving the under-privileged to get ahead in life. In most situations, they are under-privileged not voluntarily but because of chance, for the reason of being born to someone, for the reason of their family living in certain part of the city or state.

Every religion encourages charity – they do in different forms. Also, government by its nature takes time to respond to new developments. Plus, the problem with government is that some departments continue long after their need has been fully served. Sometimes, the issue is too small for the government and sometimes the issue has different manifestations to be addressed by a single entity. All these are reasons for the requirement of social welfare organizations.

In this section, we only focus on the organizations that are serving the urban areas of Hyderabad. Contrary to what you might expect, there are tens of lakhs of people who struggle to cope with the many challenges of life in Urban Hyderabad.  On paper, their incomes may look twice or thrice the numbers of their rural counterparts. However, they are in as much need of support as their rural counterparts.

With shortage of space, high cost of accommodation, lack of hygienic surroundings, or proper environment, the urban poor suffer as much as rural poor. However, the only problem is that it appears their income is relatively high compared to their rural counterparts.

NGOs Hyderabad City
Our belief is that, if an NGO program cannot be executed in Hyderabad city to serve the disadvantaged here, it possibly cannot be executed anywhere else. We came to this conclusion for the combination of the following reason:

With the geographical proximity to 2 kinds of people – those with deep pockets and those having commitment to deploy their expertise (free of cost) to the benefit of the disadvantaged people – it is much more easier to do something about social change in and around Hyderabad city.

Our goal here is to identify the needs of NGOs that serve Urban India, more specifically Hyderabad.

Learn English
A large number of young graduates from Hyderabad are either struggling to find employment or gain career advancement in white collar jobs due to lack of proper English skills. This section provides ample guidance to learn and improve English with tips, interesting facts and awareness on common mistakes people make in learning English, which you will not find in commercial institutes offering English training courses.

Vocational Education
To sustain and succeed in today’s international competitiveness, economies require a skilled workforce that is critical for the success of the services sector, which in turn fuels the economic development. However, today India has only 5% of the work force with vocational degrees. There are many issues roadblocking the vocational education in India. The entry into so-called ‘professional courses’ like engineering, has also turned up youth to shift away from vocational courses. However, a significant number of these engineering graduates are short of skills to get a job in the industry. This section is meant to provide enough awareness on the situation and help youth opting for vocational courses.

The opinions featured here are way different from the main Opinions section of HIOC. Through our insightful posts in this section, we intend to help both the youth as well as the institutes and organizations helping them, to think from the big picture.