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Minimum Auto Rickshaw Fares Hiked

By correspondent

Auto rickshaw strike was called off after transport authorities agreed to send a formal report to government on revising the minimum auto fares. The revised fares are coming into force in the first week of February 2014. The details are as follows: The minimum auto fare has been hiked to Rs. 20 from Rs.... »

Pre-Paid Auto-Fares Up in the City

By HIOC Team

The government has decided to hike the pre-paid auto fares with effective from 1st December. A committee has been formed for supervising the prepaid ‘booth facility.’ Five counters for prepaid auto have reportedly been working at the railway station in Secunberadbad. Five lakh passengers are said to have used the facility over the last... »

Digital Auto Meters Also Prone to Tampering

By HIOC Team

Legal metrology officials recently found out that, one in six companies manufacturing digital auto meters, supplies tampered ones. The officials held a meeting with various dealers of the companies and asked for the suggestion to avoid tampering of meters. According to Assistant Controller, PRSNT tampering was seen in the meters mainly manufactured by Right... »

Passengers can find Fraud Fare Meter in Auto-rickshaws

By HIOC Team

There were many complaints on auto-rickshaw drivers for manipulating and changing the regular fare meters. That is why digital fare meters were introduced about 3 years ago. According to Traffic Police Additional Commissioner of Hyderabad, there are different methods which are followed by auto drivers to manipulate the digital fare meters. However, passengers can... »

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