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Waiting for Santa This Christmas…Know What He Brings

By correspondent

Come Christmas, one thing that makes kids excited is the chubby, joyous, white bearded man, dressed in red, and comes with a sackful of gifts… Santa Claus. Though it is said that Santa is a mythical, the belief that he brings gifts to the homes of the good children on December 24th, the night... »

Christmas Tree, Star, Bells…What do They Signify?

By correspondent

Christmas is about fun, joy, happiness, gifts, carols. Children really enjoy the eve. We can’t find a house without a Christmas tree beautifully decorated with bells, stars, wreaths and lot more. But amid all these celebrations and fancy things, we somehow miss the true spirit the festival conveys every year. Especially for kids, if... »

Christmas and Its Significance

By correspondent

Christmas is here and to many it is about celebrating, sharing, giving and about spending time with family and friends. Well, all this is fine. But do you know the significance of Christmas celebrated all over the world? Let’s take some time during this festival season and see what it teaches us? Man looks... »

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