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Observations on Hyderabad City Post Covid-19

By correspondent

Like all cities, Hyderabad city also that was affected by the Covid-19. When the Covid-19 virus pandemic first wave spread became clear most local businesses and regular people did not understand what was happening. »

What are Preventive Measures Being Taken To Open Public Transport After Corona?

By correspondent

India is a land of more than 130 crore people and considering that figure, it is quite easy to understand that controlling the spread of coronavirus poses a different kind of challenge for our country than in any other part of the world. One of the initial critical steps that were taken by the... »

Lessons That Big Indian Cities Have Learned From Coronavirus

By correspondent

Every adversity, however serious it is, always has a positive side to it. And, the situations arising from the Corona pandemic have been no exception to that. Notwithstanding the way Covid-19 gravely impacted the health of people and the economy, it has taught some important lessons to big Indian cities, as well. Even the... »

Coronavirus Infection – Essential Prevention Habits

By correspondent

The Covid-19 pandemic is creating untold havoc across the globe and every country has been affected by this outbreak. In this context, we must be aware of the basic Coronavirus precautions and follow them without fail. It is important to look at them as habits that we need to build for a lifetime rather... »

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