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Curfew Lifted Completely in Hyderabad

By HIOC Team

The City Police decided to completely lift curfew which was imposed 12 days ago in the riot-hit areas of Old City. This decision provides a major relief to the inhabitants of Hyderabad. The Police also insisted to have achieved progress into the investigation of three murders executed at the time of communal riots by... »

The Melancholy In Hyderabad Makes It No Longer a Hot Destination

By HIOC Team

Six months ago, Hyderabad was a city on the rise. It has a booming business center and also famous for its warm hospitality which made many people to come to city. Since December, Hyderabad has seen some undesirable moments. Its icon as a tourist and business destination has taken a severe thrashing after a... »

Curfew in Old City to be Relaxed from 6am to 6pm

By HIOC Team

The city police decided to relax curfew from 6 am to 6 pm on April 8th in all of 25 police stations in the city. At the same time, the traffic supervision in the curfew hit areas is increased. No violent incidents took place at the time of the relaxation hours on April 7th... »

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