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Hyderabad City, India – An Introductory Overview

By correspondent

Hyderabad is 5th largest city in India and well-known worldwide for its offshoring. Hyderabad is the capital of the latest state of India, Telangana state. Telugu is the regional language of Telangana. Hyderabad was a sleepy city known for its defence scientific organizations before it became a hub for IT outsourcing. Before Indian independence,... »

Cyberabad – Fancy Buildings But No Sewerage System

By correspondent

All that glitters is not gold You can’t tell a book by its cover All these sayings are perfectly applicable to our Cyberabad. Fancy buildings, posh restaurants, wide roads – areas around the city including Jubilee Hills, Hitech City, Uppal, etc., may look great, look wise but you know what? There is no underground... »

Fraud Companies on a Roll in Hitech City

By HIOC Team

The number of city based fraud IT firms is increasing day by day. Fraudsters are exploiting the ‘stupid obsession’ with Hitech city – many people are in false belief that anything in Hitech city must be good. While it is a fact that most companies looking for fast progress lazily go to Hitech city.... »

Cyberabad Map

By HIOC Team

Unlike the other parts of Hyderabad city, this part is unique and does not share any cultural characteristics of other parts of the city. In fact, this is an artificial extension of the main Hyderabad city. If you can compare this map with other sub-parts of Hyderabad map, you can clearly see the difference... »

Cyberabad Most Unsafe in AP

By HIOC Team

Though Greater Hyderabad comprised of Hyderabad and Cyberabad is considered as the best city to live, it is no longer safe with increase in crime rate. According to the state Crime Records Bureau, Cyberabad is the most unsafe place in the state topping the list of crimes. However, Hyderabad stood next to it. From... »

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