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Motorists Imprisoned for Drinking Liquor and Driving

By correspondent

Of late, traffic police authorities have taken stringent measures to curb drunk driving in the city. Accordingly, two courts of law in the city gave judgment of imprisonment ranging from two to ten days to people found involved in driving in drunk condition. According to official sources, there were in all 81 people awarded... »

Don’t Drink and Drive in Hyderabad City, It’s a Big Headache

By correspondent

Planning for a weekend party with friends and drinks? Think again. It’s a big headache, because, once you get caught, the police will not listen and no recommendations will work to get you out of the situation. Once you get caught in drunk and driving case, the police will book you in drunk and... »

City Traffic Police Struggling to Catch the Drug Abusing Drivers

By HIOC Team

The breathalyzers used by the traffic police to curb the road accidents due to drunken driving is of least help. The city’s alcohol abusing youth due to the fear of getting caught by the traffic police are now found turning towards the drugs, whose abuse is not detected by the breathalyzers. This highlights the... »

Campaign to Check Rash driving by Auto and Bus Drivers

By correspondent

The traffic police is going to launch a special drive to reduce the rash driving of the autos and buses in Hyderabad. Mr. C.V.Anand Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) said that drivers should follow the rules and the buses should be stopped in bus bays. Even he said that the auto drivers should not... »

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