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GHMC Neglects Eco Friendly Treatment of Solid Waste Since 11 Years

By HIOC Team

As per the management of municipal solid waste guidelines (MSW rules, 2000), given by Supreme Court, the municipal bodies are required to adapt scientific and environmental friendly ways of disposal of garbage. It has been 11 years since these rules were formed, and GHMC still has not yet taken measures in implementing these guidelines.... »

Environment Map Developed by GeoMap System

By HIOC Team

As a part of promoting the environment thoughts amongst citizens and also for maintaining better environmental practices using some practical hints, an environment map was released. Apart from the air and the noise pollution, the the map has offered thoughts of various environment parameters which includes water bodies, levels of ground water and greenery.... »

SCB Bans Plastic

By correspondent

The Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) decided to seize recycled plastic covers from June from shops and business establishments, as part of its drive against recycled plastic. SCB Chief executive officer, C Ravindra said that ban on recycled plastic would be effective from 1st June. They started creating awareness by distributing one lakh pamphlets to... »

HMDA Decided To Protect City Lakes

By correspondent

After the land, now it is the turn of the lakes in and around the city to get encroached. Many lake beds are being made in to plots and are registered. In order to prevent this, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) to post home guards at those lakes. HMDA authorities have recently said... »

March 2010 Was Warmest Since Many Decades

By HIOC Team

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has announced March, 2010 as the warmest month in the previous several decades and the Telangana topped the regions which recorded high temperatures. The monthly temperature study by IMD, reveals that the March-2010 was the warmest, smashing previous records at many locations in the country. In March of this year,... »

Sewage Polluting Underground Water Table in Hyderabad Outskirts

By HIOC Team

There is an urgent need of upgrading old sewerage system with laying of proper underground drainage lines and replacement of old water pipelines in the outskirt areas of the Hyderabad. The extended areas of Greater Hyderabad have a primitive sewage disposal system, septic tanks. According to the environment and health experts, there will be... »

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